When a large food manufacturer wanted to recreate a portion of the production line in their research and development lab they built the filling mechanism but needed help to duplicate the external control system.

Germaine Systems designed a small control system that utilised the processing power of the servo drives rather than go to the expense of a PLC control system.  The staff were given a PC program and training allowing them to vary the motion profile of the filler and test the new product. 

The control system had to comply not only with international standards, but with the rigorous company specifications.


When a Manchester based automation company lost one of its key staff unexpectedly in the middle of a major contract, they needed someone to step in to carry on the work.

The company was half way through the building of a large production line when the main programmer left.  The control system contained Allen Bradley PLCs and touch-screens, Kinetix servo driven conveyors, four robots and several hundred remote IO, with little or no code.