Siemens PLC

Germaine Systems has been programming Siemens PLCs since we began. We have experience with the S5 and S7 range of controllers - indeed we were the first company in Britain to deploy the S7-200 PLC and among the first companies to use the new Siemens s7-1200

We are equipped to design with and program the full range of Siemens Simatic PLCs, Allen Bradley (Rockwell) PLCs and Telemecanique PLCs.

We have experience with ELAU PACDRIVE and LENZE servo controllers and can utilise Touch screens such as Siemens HMIs, AB (Panel View and Panel View Plus)  and Proface.

When we program for you, we ensure that you understand and can support your product, that's why we supply full documentation and source code, no secret codes or passwords,  you own the full rights to the project.  Our projects are like our children, we love them dearly, but want them to leave home one day :)


Machine Control is what Germaine Systems does best! Projects varying from machine upgrade requiring a couple of I/O to 600 I/O integrated systems.

We have used many different plc types such as AB, OMRON, SIEMENS and MITSUBISHI. Our strength is in adding control systems to small specialised machinery to add functionality and allow integration with larger systems.

Many of our projects have been in conjunction with equipment manufacturers wishing to replace existing mechanical or simple logic control with computers to aid, for example in machine setting or diagnostics.

It is important to us that you, the customer, own the project.  We try very hard to ensure that you understand and can support your systems in future, thereby enhancing your company and 'bringing the product on'. To this end we supply all drawings and code and as far as we are able transfer all rights to designs and code to you, adding to your company assets.  We work closely with your stores, engineering and documentation departments making the transition to new techniques and the compliance with regulations easier.

Control Panel

We have been designing, supplying, constructing, testing, installing and commissioning control panels for over thirty years. We can work to any recognised standards including European and US. We supply all documentation and can prepare it for inclusion in your manuals.

We can do as much, or as little as you require, working with your team to help integrate the new system, through to installation and commissioning.

Got a project?  give us a call! 

Scrutinise :)

Many of our customers first contact is our via our legendary maintenance service.  We have repaired a diverse range of equipment, from laser etching equipment to ice cream machines, from pasta extruders to radar buoys.  Our motto is 'it was built by humans, it can be repaired by humans''  You may not have drawings or software backup, but we can still help, even if the manufacturer is long gone, we can help.  We can draw on our network to locate or manufacture spare parts.

Whether PLC or relay control if it worked once, there's a good chance we can make it work again.

Here's a list of equipment we have experience with to give you an idea :)

The full range of Fords and ACS capping presses,
Enercon MATRIX induction heat-sealing machinery.
All Induction and Conduction heat-sealing equipment,
Bizzozero, Simon, Fury, Midas, Vickers, Gandalf and Fossatti and Zanello machinery
ECHO  Ovens, Emmepi Pallet presses and strapping machinery,
SERAC Fillers,
M&P Fillers,
Pasta Extruders from bottene,
Folders, Gluers and Stitchers,
DAF units,
NERV units and other Bio-Reactors,
Servo Control systems,

All service is guaranteed and we never charge unless you are happy :)


Plantmonitor - Industrial telemetry

The interconnection of automation systems has been a quiet revolution.  It is now inexpensive and commonplace to monitor even the smallest of equipment using a variety of strategies including GPRS, SMS and ADSL.  Once connected to the Internet the plant can be monitored by service or administration.  Automated systems can gather statistics and alert personnel via SMS, Voice or email.

Germaine Systems Plantmonitor consists of a network of servers gathering and processing data from remote sites and allowing authorised access to formatted information.  Two way control and programming access is available too.


PlantSMS - Industrial telemetry

Germaine Systems PlantSMS uses the Plantmonitor network to gather and processing simple data from remote sites using mobile 'phone technology.   Status of the remote equipment and limited 2-way control is available via private web-pages.  Service personnel can be alerted by SMS or email and may add notes to the log by messaging the network.

You can view a demonstration of this simple system at You will need to enter the user name : PlantSMS and Password : Demo1 (both case sensitive)


Capflow PCB

CAPFLOW was the name given to the control of aluminium cap production by FORDS of Finsbury in the 1940s. The FORDS type 3 capflow controller was the most common of these systems fitted to a large number of FORDS Presses.

When the silicon alloy transistors in the original design became obsolete, Germaine Systems redesigned the control board using current technologies. These control boards became the industry standard and although they are no longer manufactured, we still provide support.

There is an on-line manual covering the operation of the type 3 controller chassis and more information on the control board on the downloads page.